iPhone Selfie

iPhone Selfie

My name is Lori Maloney…I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, photographer, and lover of all things beautiful!

My journey in photography began many years ago; however, it was in 2010 that I realized, personally, the profoundly positive impact that a portrait session can have on a woman. Interestingly, before my decision to specialize in creating beautiful portraits of women as my focus with Bella Faccia, I had long dreamed of providing portraiture to women facing serious illness…our intuition is a pretty phenomenal guide!

Mom, me & Lis 1974 cropped

My mom was 52 when we lost her to liver failure caused by Breast Cancer.  I miss her.  I miss her warm smile, her open laugh, and her kind eyes.  I miss seeing her.  I shouldn’t speak for Mom; however, I feel as though she avoided being in pictures during the years she was ill (and likely before too) because she didn’t feel she was beautiful…but she was.  Throughout my life, which included her at size 8 and size 16, throughout her healthy times and her sick times, I always only saw her beauty.  I wish that she’d had an opportunity to be shown her own, inherent beauty, strength, and grace…I wish she’d seen what we saw.

It is my desire to provide women, at any stage of their journey of facing a serious illness, with a portrait session that celebrates their beauty, strength, and grace.  I believe, deep in my soul, that the opportunity to be professionally photographed in a compassionate setting can be healing and can buoy a woman’s spirits.  Whether you are newly diagnosed and want a talisman of how you look and feel today, or if you are in the middle of your courageous fight and want record of it, or if you have walked through the fire and are celebrating your victory; let’s come together and make a beautiful portrait of you!

It is my mandate, through Bella Faccia AND Bella Forza, to ensure that every woman leaves my studio feeling, and knowing deep in her core, that she is beautiful!

To read more about my story and the launch of Bella Forza please read my very first Bella Forza blog post here



A few little tidbits about me…

travel & movies are my favourite pastimes • I’m sun sign Taurus (AKA I LOVE beautiful things!) • I have two amazing kids • I was once reprimanded, with a smile, by my employer for being “too empathetic” 🙂 • I speak Portuguese • I can be stubborn (AKA Taurus!) • my husband has the job that I thought I’d have when I was little • salty wins over sweet • full moons make me smile (and reminisce!) • my favourite novel is The Alchemist • I’m a sucker for cool clouds • I’ve been known to snort when I laugh • I’m fiercely loyal • I’m tied to my roots • love, love, love dogs

xo Lori


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