The Strength Package: Your Framed Wall Portrait

What I LOVE about The Strength Package is that each woman will have a framed print from our session together, of an image that she has chosen!  I believe including the framed image in the package is important for myriad reasons; not least of which is my personal knowledge of how many people have portrait sessions, which they are thrilled with, but then, for whatever reason, never end up having any of the images printed (short on time, money, feeling overwhelmed by life, etc.).  I really believe in you having photographic record of your strength and beauty, which is why EVERY woman who passes through the Bella Forza studio door WILL have a framed wall portrait!  Love, love, love this!

I’ve already introduced you to Sharon, who was our very first client and who generously participated in our launch, allowing me to share her images and story (thank you, beautiful Sharon!)!  I’ve had her framed image for a few weeks; however, between life events for both of us, it was only yesterday that I was able to gift her with her framed wall portrait.

The Bella Forza Wall Portrait

The Bella Forza Wall Portrait

The portrait is printed on either lustre or metallic paper (a decision I will help with as lustre vs. metallic depends on the image itself and where it is expected to be hung) and includes a laminate coating (no reflective glass but your image is protected!).  There are a few frames to choose from, all of them beautiful and well crafted.  In addition, the framed image comes ready to hang with wire hangar…no fiddling; simply take it home, hang it, and be reminded daily of the beautiful, strong, graceful woman you are!

I also believe that if you have purchased a print from me, you should also have that image’s digital file, which I am thrilled to gift to you.  Each framed print will have a dvd envelope on the back (so you don’t need to keep track of it!) with the digital file(s) of your chosen printed image(s)!

Each framed print will also come with the digital file for that image!

Each framed print will also come with the digital file for that image!

And, finally, in providing what I wish to be a truly wonderful experience for you; each framed wall portrait will be lovingly packaged for you, by me.

Your wrapped, framed print...packaged with love and gratitude!

Your wrapped, framed print…packaged with love and gratitude!

Of course we can customize your package to suit your wishes…a larger portrait (maybe you know just the place to hang this and it screams for a 16×24!), or perhaps you wish to have more than the one image from our time together…I am always happy to discuss the options!  Be rest assured though that there are no sales pitches here…I will only address these topics if YOU ask!

With each post on Facebook, every entry here on the blog, my interactions with clients, and with every bow I will tie…it is all done from my heart, with my heart.  It is my absolute desire to provide you (or your mom, sister, friend, aunt, cousin!) with an unparalleled portrait experience that will leave you feeling beautiful, strong, and with a skip in your step!