This morning was incredible.  Seriously.  Plus your positivity and Jill’s presence…you both made me feel truly beautiful and at ease!”  J.P.

“I feel so honoured to have been chosen to participate in this experience and in this endeavour to speak to women on a cancer journey.  Thanks for making this possible for me and for doing it with such nurture and grace!”

“Much love to you Lori Maloney!!! You’re so creative, collaborative, and comfortable to work with!!!! You are truly wonderful 🙂 xoxo”

You are amazing at what you do and I appreciate so much how comfortable you made me.”

“…thank you again for all you have done for us, and especially HOW you have done it, with such joyfulness and patience!  Much, MUCH appreciated :):):)”

I met Lori this summer at a wedding  (she was the photographer for the bride)  I asked about taking some pictures of my daughter some time. She said yes without blinking and, right then, took the most stunning, spur of the moment picture. Lori (Bella Faccia) proved to me at that moment what a true professional and compassionate person she is.”

Upon receiving word of the launch of Bella Forza, one person wrote, “This is just excellent and you’re the perfect person to do it.”


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